The Spirit of the Astrology Project

The Astrology Project is a collaboration exploring the many dimensions of astrology. It ranges through the wide context of the subject’s identity, history and philosophy, including many sociological facets. Traditional technical and symbolic components of astrology will be investigated, both in theory, and in practice as an applied craft. 

Horoscopic astrology is a long term demonstration of the archetypal drive to construct systems of meaning and understanding. It is a curious Art which has threaded through humanity, in and out of a vast historical and cultural span.

Since the late 20th Century, an international movement has developed which continues to recover core information. A richer contemporary matrix is offering insight into genuine astrological principles, leading to further research and sounder practice. 

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The Knowledge Intensives

Astrology requires effort to grasp its language and method. This creative Art also benefits from intuitive sensibility and applied common sense. Through an ongoing series of stand-alone ‘Intensives’, we aim to offer provocative learning events, with focus on key topics essential to core understanding. At every Intensive there is opportunity to engage with the subject and ask questions. To continue thoughtful review, each participant receives relevant handout material and a digital copy of the slide presentation.

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