Special Request Intensive V – The Planets

Monthly Knowledge Intensives — for all levels of interest

Astrology Project – Special Request Intensive V

Tuesday 25 September 2012 – 7.30pm
@ Lawson St Community Centre Southport

Planets – The Stars of the Gods

“We shall never understand one another until we reduce language to seven words.”
_____Kahlil Gibran

The planets are the ‘stars’ at astrology’s very heartland. Representing the Divine above, their light and movement communicates to us below. Throughout centuries they have been the main agentsSeven Stars of the Gods in horoscopy as prime cosmic symbols. It is no surprise this crucial subject is popularly requested for deeper review, and it is a pleasure to present this Intensive.

Learning astrology is a never-ending process. There is always more to be understood and experienced regarding the planets, no matter the level of expertise. These celestial bodies have many layers of astrological meaning and it fascinates to plumb their symbolism, to seek the core essence of each.

This evening’s presentation is in this spirit of meeting and working with the planetary quintessences. These ‘wanderers’ will be reviewed in metaphysical context, along with the concepts ‘astro’, ‘logos’, ‘essence’, and ‘light’. Each will be seen in action, with attention applied to a variety of working chart examples. As always, the aim is to actually ‘do’ astrology, rather than just remain in theory. Grasping and using the planetary ‘keys’ is the touchstone of fine delineation.

“Faust: How many heavens or spheres are there?
Mephistopheles: Nine, the seven planets, the firmament, and the empyreal heaven.” ________Christopher Marlow – Doctor Faustus, Act II Scene iii (1604)

NOTE: revised time is now 7.30pm start and 10pm finish

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