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The Aspects

Divine Measure - The Aspects - Astrology Project Intensive 10

Astrological aspects are the complex and fascinating method by which any chart weaves into an evermore individualised picture. In many ways, they allow planets to go beyond intrinsic nature and extra conditioning, to ‘regard’ each other, interrelate, and have further effect.

In ancient texts there are constant descriptions where the planets are considered to be – ‘viewing’, ‘regarding’, ‘seeing’, ‘looking’, ‘beholding’, ‘witnessing’. Thus, they are able to ‘give testimony’, or ‘speak’, and have their means of ‘hurling rays’. The astrology can then develop into many types of more dynamic interplay. No aspect is ever static. It is vital to remember that each is always a moving process which unfurls a commentary.

They also think that a planet is good when it looks at such and such another planet, but if it looks at a different one, he detiorates, and that it makes a difference whether he looks at him in such an aspect or another.
Plotinus – Enneads 2:3:1 (MacKenna trans)

Seeking to grasp symbolic subtleties and understand the different relationship dynamics, this Intensive delves into the underpinnings of aspect origin and development. Drawing upon heritage resources, this will include discerning various qualities, and defining what pertains to functioning, in order to clarify symbolic processes and undertake practical delineation.

Concepts of ancient optical theory relate to this symbolism, connected to the point that the planets as ‘stars’, or ‘orbs’ can emit their individual rays of light. Reference to planets being in some version of ‘a line of sight’ was literally captured within eventual development of the term ‘aspect’, derived from the Latin ‘aspicere’, meaning to ‘look at’ or ‘regard’.

Further symbolic and philosophical principles may also be involved, such as those related to number, especially that of 2,3,4,6. And there are ideas which relate to geometry, where the Whole (One) is divided by these numbers, and such division produces an entire pattern inscribed within the Whole.

That the stars are said to exchange testimony with each other whenever they chance to be tetragonals or trigonals or diametricals or hexagonals of each other, and at intervals of how many [images] each of the said figures is assumed.
Antiochus Summary – TARES vol 2:1:6 (Schmidt trans)

Planetary interrelationships occur against the astrological backdrop of the ecliptic, generating the oldest known method referred to as ‘Whole Sign’ aspects. Basically, this was on a ‘sign-to-sign’ regard, via various zodiacal images considered capable of ‘seeing’ each other, or not. These images can essentially view each other due to the doctrines of triplicity and quadriplicity. The Thema Mundi was the traditional symbolic model used to inform this method by applying the principles of Essential Dignity and the ability of certain signs to see the signs of the Lights (the Sun and the Moon).

…There are therefore seven signs to which the sign in question turns its face and which are consequently considered to be bound in aspect to it.
Al Biruni – Elements of Astrology 373 (Ramsay Wright trans)

Hence there are two basic ways of aspecting – by entire zodiacal sign according to the aforementioned points; or by degree according to the radius of light of each planet’s sphere of influence (orb/moiety).

The aforesaid figures are brought to completion in two different ways, either by image simply or by portion;
Antiochus Summary – TARES vol 2:1:6 (Schmidt trans)

This Intensive will also address a range of other matters in this arguably most complicated component of astrological practice such as: application and separation, dexter and sinister, dominating planets, perfection, collection of light, translation of light, prohibition, frustration, refrenation, zodiacal mitigation, antiscia and contra-antiscia.

This intensive (AP10) was first presented on the Gold Coast(GCAS) in March 2010.

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