AP15 Approaching Interpretation IV

Weaving the Threads

Weaving the Threads - Astrology Project Intensive 15

Having opened a Pandora’s Box that is the fascinating realm of Astrology, it is easy to become bewildered by the wealth of concepts and techniques which lie glittering at hand. There may be eagerness to impulsively grasp the first things which catch the eye and blurt out underdone interpretations, as if racing to beat a psychic clock. Being simply overwhelmed, fearful of failing, or appearing foolish, can also become stumbling blocks causing significant information to be overlooked. Best to pause for breath, gather the wits, and gently appraise the situation, allowing the symbolism to work while remaining receptive to potential meaning.

This Intensive is devoted to building upon the preliminary analysis of a chart’s astrological indications and putting former study into action. It will involve reviewing material already presented, drawing upon the variety of doctrine and applying this to a range of chart examples. Gaining an overall perspective and honing the focus on notable facets of a chart’s individual character are included in this exercise. As such information is best grasped before proceeding with evermore detailed topical analysis, or before attempting to predict the nature and timing of unfolding life events.

Reappraising and reassessing the knowledge from past Intensives supplies an opportunity to reinforce understanding and to ask more refined questions. Both reconsideration and practical application are twin purposes which remain central. For the doing of Astrology benefits from re-evaluating and layering knowledge, not just blind application upon initial learning alone.

It can be reasonably argued that one of the most valuable offerings heritage information has to give Astrology, is the prospect of reclaiming a true veracity. Hence, this Intensive’s aim will be to encourage symbolic integrity and develop the capacity to substantiate any delineation ‘astrologically’. That is, to ably demonstrate reasoning via an underlying platform of the subject in action. This is how the Art comes to stand as a speciality in its own right with a self-sufficient body of wisdom. This is also how the astrologer grows in confidence to function as an individuated and autonomous practitioner.

The heritage value of prior astrological knowledge was already recognised in other cultures and in centuries well before the present. The spirit infusing the Astrology Project Intensives has grown not only from the work of diligent individuals who presently labour with the ancient texts, but also from a legacy which is evidenced in those very writings.

…for since there were many things written down by the most ancient of philosophers based on experience, but it is plain more was left behind on account of the misfortune of error, it will be alright to pay attention to them especially from the counsel of one’s own industry: namely, the practice of judgments commended the plausible things among them. Whence, with every care and worry being cast away, I advise we persist in this work particularly, attend to the fruits of it, and follow its practices. For the free understanding of the mind, alert industry, and indeed the persistence of practice has revealed this selection of the fruits of this work in the manifold treasure-chest of the philosophers, so that thus it may be as a model of truth to you and all future generations.
Masha’Allah – Book of Aristotle 1:6 in Persian Nativities Vol I (Dykes trans)

This 3hr intensive (AP15) was presented on the Gold Coast(GCAS) in September 2010.

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