AP26 Dynamic Astrological Techniques III

Solar Returns

Solar Returns - AP26 Dynamic Astrological Techniques III - Astrology Project Intensive

Because time is a spiral, something special happens on your birthday each year. The same energy God invested in you at birth is present once again.
_____ Menachem Mendel Schneerson

This Intensive concentrates upon the Solar Return chart, which maps the heavens when the Sun annually returns to the precise natal point for any individual. As an event it could be called an ‘astrological birthday’ when another personal new year commences, hence the idea of continuing ‘many happy returns’. The tone and themes of the forthcoming months may be indicated, reflecting those potentials more primed to arise.

The Solar Return is an old concept which remained known to later astrologers and, among subsequent changes, the basic principle of relating it to the natal chart persisted. However, modern use, if at all, is quite different in comparison to ancient practice. Tradition had its own way of aligning natal and solar return charts and especially threaded this with extra dynamic techniques. Most significantly, there were links with the other annual astrological method of profection, along with referencing additional directions and transits.

Fixed upon the Sun’s movement, the astrology of Solar Returns present as destined ‘fractals’ of any birthchart. The once-a-year patterns are fascinating cyclic pictures in their own right, but are never meant to be judged alone. This Intensive will review these points and explore working examples. Underpinning this, the supporting philosophy and core nature of this astrological idea will also be addressed.

This intensive (AP26) was first presented on the Gold Coast(GCAS) in March 2012.

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