Special Request Intensive I – Essential Dignity

Monthly Knowledge Intensives — for all levels of interest

Astrology Project – A Special Request Intensive 

Tuesday 29 May 2012 – 7pm
@ Lawson St Community Centre Southport

Planets in Their Chariots – Working With Essential Dignity

Aphrodite in her Chariot

This popularly requested Intensive is perfect for those just entering the astrological tradition and for those continuing to polish knowledge already gained.

It is about deeply understanding and regularly working with one of the major keys to astrology – Essential Dignity and Debility. This basic doctrine goes beyond apparent labelling, and is a part of astrological method absolutely necessary for developing advanced ability.

Essential Dignity leads to actually ‘doing’ astrology, for it is from this symbolic subset that the skill of individually analysing any chart grows. During this Intensive we will review how and why Essential Dignity is structured, the purpose of its system, and the technique of putting it into practice.

Learning and doing astrology involves carefully ‘layering’ information about the Art and, as its title suggests, this subject is ‘essential’- whether one is modern or traditional in approach. It isn’t surprising that it has been requested with such enthusiasm and we look forward to a stimulating evening.

All 2012 Intensives will be held on the Gold Coast at

Southport Community Centre – Lawson Street Southport

Last Tuesday of the Month — from 7pm

Each intensive stands alone as a complete learning experience

Cost is $40 ($35 GCAS/QFA members) monthly

A digital copy of the slide presentation is emailed to all participants

For more information: Call 0418 858862

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