Astrology Project – Dynamic Astrological Techniques V

AP 28 – Transits and Progressions

“Of course God’s a juggler! how do you think the planets stay in orbit all the time?! Duh!”
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Gods a Juggler


Ancient and traditional astrology focused on the heavens’ continuous movement, especially observing the ‘wanderers’ (‘planetes’). Once a chart was drawn and extended by techniques such as profections and solar returns, ongoing patterns were related back to it – to preview an unfolding future, or review events already past.

Transits and progressions, as in the actual moving sky, were among a kitbag of methods for this practice. In this final Intensive of 2012, focus will be upon these very popular dynamic techniques, which are in widespread use today.

Their integration and use will be demonstrated in several chart examples. Participants are also invited to bring questions or a case study to share. We will be most interested in looking at examples when the astrologically expected did not eventuate, or when the actual events took surprising turns. Both modern and traditional planets will be considered and woven into relationship.

This intensive was first presented on the Gold Coast (GCAS) in November 2012, and on the Gold Coast (GCAS) in revised form in November 2013.

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