Monthly Delineation Intensives – ‘Doing Astrology’

Continuing our Special Request Intensives, we present a series focusing upon chart interpretation. Each month will review core methods and put them to use.
All levels are most welcome.
Participants are invited to bring along charts for practice.

Coming Intensive – 26 November 2013
Forecasting and Timing – Putting It All Together

Forecasting and TimingThis final intensive for 2013 will tackle the fascinating subject of forecasting with astrology. Starting with the birth chart, we make further observations of ongoing planetary movement. These can include the real motion of transits, the symbolic motion of directions and progressions, solar returns and calculated planetary periods. The mix of these techniques can be confusing. But the ancient astrologer always used a kitbag of methods rather than just one or two, in the aim of being confident in their judgement. No single method alone was considered to deliver a good result.

This presentation unravels the complexity, offering useful procedures for timing with astrology. Much work has gone into preparing a thorough demonstration of the rise to power of three global leaders. And shifting from politics to romance, there is an examination of the recurring patterns in a celebrity love life. (more..)

Previous Intensive – 29 October 2013
Primary Directions – Ancient Prediction

This month, at popular request, we revisit an ancient method of prediction – Primary Directions. This heritage technique can be used easily and effectively, once the basic concepts and method is grasped.

Based on the dynamism of the daily turning of our planet Earth, it is most personalised to any particular time and place. Primary Directions very much relate to the Art of having read what is already promised in the birth chart. We are reminded, that in terms of horoscopy, fate and fortune are ultimately spun by the Earth.

The fascinating result is that roughly 90 years of life can be symbolised by the movement of the planets in relation to the horizon for the 3-4 hours after a person’s birth. This method presents the astrologer with a bird’s eye overview of potential key events and turning points, providing a solid platform for integration with other forecasting techniques such as secondary progressions and transits. (more..)

Previous Intensive – 24 September 2013
Hermetic Lots – Ancient Points of Fate

Astrological Lots hark from mysterious antiquitous roots. The oldest relating to each of the seven classical planets, are associated with the legendary wisdom figure of Hermes Trismegistus – hence the title ‘Hermetic Lots’. Most crucial were the Lot of the Moon (Fortuna) and that of the Sun (Spirit), but there is a the Lot of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and so on.

This Intensive rediscovers the uniqueness of an intriguing underlying symbolism, very personal to each birthchart. For the Hermetic Lots go below the surface to reveal meaning that would otherwise remained hidden. Each one can open the door on reflections about the nature of fate and the soul, and perhaps what is dealt by destiny in the ‘lottery of life’. They also relate to an ancient form of psycho-spiritual symbolism, which still translates powerfully in the modern world. (more..)

Previous Intensive – 27 August 2013
Ancient Sect Doctrine
Day and Night in Astrology

This Intensive introduces and reviews a code known as Sect which seemed a given to the ancients, where an elegant doctrine classed a chart as being of the night or day. Many of the old texts reflect that any astrologer would have a baseline understanding of this knowledge, allowing a doorway to delineation. Sect could identify important planets, profoundly affect their symbolism, and was a touchstone for further interpretation.

Concepts such as the ‘main luminary’ becoming the Sun or the Moon, planetary and zodiacal sect, and sect-teams, were considered. Not only was planetary conditioning and delineation adjusted, but so were certain techniques. Examples of this include calculating planetary lots such as Fortuna, examining the life force, and applying predictive methods. We will explore these points and how this long lost information can fit into the astrology of today. (more..)

Previous Intensive – 30 July 2013
Benefic and Malefic Principles

It is clear that both shadow and light coexist and astrology’s heritage has always openly acknowledged this fundamental truth. Therefore certain planets, chart places, and aspects were called ‘benefic’ or ‘malefic’. This intensive aims to dispel any misconceptions and demystify what these ancient labels really mean.

We will explore why they are so and how these principles are important in delineation. Seeking to understand the definition of ‘benefic’ and ‘malefic’, plus what these terms actually do represent, strengthens astrological practice. (more..)

Previous Intensive – 25 June 2013
The Ascendant – Navigating Life

In astrological tradition the ascendant has been a significant, if not the most significant, birthchart point. It is truly the most personally specific, of all, to the individual time, date, and place of birth.

Hence, it carries the ancient title of the ‘helm of life’, as very symbolic of how a person embodies their being and ‘voyages’ through the lifetime (related planets then become as ‘captain’ and ‘crew’ to the ‘ship’). This Intensive examines this wonderful ancient metaphor, and explores it in the practice of reading a horoscope. (more..)

Previous Intensive – 28 May 2013
Mind and Soul – Thinking and Feeling

The ancient astrological idea of the soul equated to the ‘psychological mind’ – that is, mental disposition and prime needs. Mercury and the Moon were recognised as principal symbols of this, showing an essential thinking/ feeling interface upon which the individual personality took form. In terms of the Soul’s Descent, these two fastest moving and highly variable bodies are closest to Earth.

This Intensive will review traditional methods used to delineate the ‘soul’ of the astrological self on this plane. We are particularly concerned with how Mercury and the Moon may relate, or not, and essentially signify the unique inner individual. (more..)

Previous Intensive – 30 April 2013
The Guiding Spirit – Life Purpose

This Intensive examines the profoundly fascinating idea of the Guiding Spirit as represented by a uniquely empow- ered planet in a chart (sometimes more than one). This can provide clues to exclusive virtues to cultivate and where one is likely to get the most out of natal promise.

Celestial bodies are identified which may take on the role of piloting a life by guiding the fulfilment of authentic qualities. This can be straightforward, yet it may become mysterious, or “nearly the most difficult of all”, as one ancient noted. The astrology may reflect how easy or hard it is to get in touch with a life purpose. (more..)

Previous Intensive – 26 March 2013
Temperament – Basis of Being

Temperament was an ancient key to personality and physical well-being, and has also been recognised in modern complementary medicine and psychology. In being so fundamental it has been referred to as the ‘cloth from which one is cut’.

Methods for checking the basic temperament of any birthchart will be reviewed in this Intensive. This sets the stage for understanding character and how certain planets may ‘behave’ (for instance, a ‘choleric’ person’s Mars in Cancer can be quite different from a ‘phlegmatic’ person’s Mars in Cancer). (more..)

Intensives continue from 30 April 2013 – 7:30 pm
@ Lawson St Community Centre Southport

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