Dynamic Astrological Techniques IV

____ Firdaria – Planetary Periods of Life ____

AP27 - Firdaria - Planetary Periods of Life - Astrology Project

The Firdaria Planetary Period technique is a method for predicting. It gives you the ability to see the whole course of the native’s life and to write his biography without even knowing him.
_____Robert Zoller

Predictive astrology remains central in this Intensive. Focus is upon a lesser known technique called Firdaria, which establishes a bird’s eye view of the overall unfolding life pattern. This can be of enormous value in seeing the bigger picture when doing astrology. Larger themes and episodes can be scoped and determined, without becoming confused by overwhelming detail and short term issues.

The term firdaria (plural of firdar) is of Persian origin and was a translation of the Greek word period. So, simply put, firdaria are a series of planetary chapters that unfold in everyone’s life. They are similar to the dasas of Hindu astrology, and also bear striking similarity to the classic “Ages of Man”.

Each planet disposes its own part of an individual’s life. What may initially appear to be a standard set of planetary periods, applicable to all born in the day or at night, is made unique through the qualities and condition of each planet in any person’s birth chart. Thus what seems general is made entirely specific. As is always most important to remember, the promise of the original birth chart determines what may happen as events and outcomes during a cosmic sequence of timelords.

Using both theory and demonstration, this Intensive will cover the construct and method of firdaria, interpretation of the major periods and sub-periods, and the integration of this technique with others already addressed such as primary directions, solar returns, and transits.

For those looking to expand and enhance predictive ability using heritage astrological methods, this Intensive should prove to be valuable and helpful. At heart, Firdaria are relatively simple and user-friendly. All are welcome, and no prior knowledge or experience is assumed – just come with an open mind, willing to learn and share.

This intensive (AP27) was first presented on the Gold Coast(GCAS) in April 2012.

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