Special Request Intensive II – The Aspects in Astrology

Monthly Knowledge Intensives — for all levels of interest

Astrology Project – Special Request Intensive II

Tuesday 26 June 2012 – 7pm
@ Lawson St Community Centre Southport

The Aspects in Astrology – Witnessing & Testimony

“They also think that a planet is good when it looks at such and such another planet, but if it looks at a different one, he deteriorates, and that it makes a difference whether he looks at him in such an aspect or another.” ________Plotinus, Enneads, 2:3:1

The Aspects in Astrology – Witnessing & Testimony - Special Request Intensive II

This is another popularly requested Review Intensive, perfect for those new to the astrological tradition and for those continuing to polish knowledge already gained.

As with our previous Essential Dignity ‘review’, the aim is not just to simply repeat an identical presentation (originally given in 2010) – but to deepen understanding, build on the subject, and put techniques into actual examples of chart work.

Aspecting is another of the core factors, crucial to doing the Art, in making each horoscope a totally individual picture. It is also, arguably, the trickiest component to judge well and to put into practical use. For as the main players in astrology, the planets will go beyond their intrinsic nature and extra conditioning. The celestial bodies are active, ‘looking at’ and in ‘conversation’ with one another – so just as with human talk and activity, many fascinating and sometimes puzzling dynamics can occur.

The Astrology Project maintains that learning and doing astrology involves carefully ‘layering’ information about the Art. Thus, it is important not to mistake creative rehearsal for humdrum repetition. As always we invite all levels of questioning, discussion, and interaction, at this coming Intensive – we hope all who attend will be as stirred and stimulated about astrology, as we always are after one of these evenings.

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