Special Request Intensive IV – The Zodiac and the Houses

Monthly Knowledge Intensives — for all levels of interest

Astrology Project – Special Request Intensive IV

Tuesday 28 August 2012 – 7.30pm
@ Lawson St Community Centre Southport

The Zodiac and the Houses – Setting Heaven On Earth

“Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.” _____C.S. Lewis

The Zodiac and the Houses – Setting Heaven On Earth  - Astrology Project Intensive

It is clear that the Art is all about bringing the heavenly down to earth and putting the symbolism into action. This especially requested Intensive focuses on two key astrology features of doing this, the Zodiac and the Houses. The core nature of these subjects makes for a discussion truly suitable for all, whether new or experienced in doing a chart reading.

This evening gives the opportunity to deeply examine not only ‘what’ the Zodiac and the Houses are, but what also makes them ‘why’ they are. Reviewing the informing principles of each as an independent symbol-set will lend clarity and support confidence when it comes to delineation.

It is important to put the understanding of astrology into applied action. Relating these components of the system will be practically explored using a variety of horoscopic examples. Participants are invited to bring along any chart of interest to share in practicing technique, or to question and troubleshoot any difficulties encountered in using the Zodiac and the Houses.

“What if earth be but the shadow of Heaven, and things therein
Each to the other like, more than on earth is thought?” ________John Milton – Paradise Lost

NOTE: revised time is now 7.30pm start and 10pm finish

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