AP21 Topical Focus V

Astrology of Relating

Partners, Friends and Foes

AP21 Partners Friends and Foes - Astrology Project Intensive

Relating is a primary life skill and many people enter our lives for a variety of purposes and in wide-ranging situations. One-to-one relationships become notable, especially concerning partners and adversaries, who can sometimes turn out to be one and the same. The quality of those encountered, the way they are handled, and probable outcomes can be viewed through the lens of a chart. In traditional astrology, the potential of marriage was particularly questioned, and offers techniques which may still translate viably in today’s world.

Although this can be a very complex field the focus will be on the core tendencies and dynamics concerning a ‘significant other’. This intensive will review the tradition of universal and particular indicators in personal relationship, including some facets of ancient astrological synastry. Further attention will be given to wider partnership contexts such as romance, friendship, authority, competition, and enmity. The methods reviewed will be applied to working examples in the astrology of well known figures and in regular case studies.

This intensive (AP21) was first presented on the Gold Coast(GCAS) in July 2011.

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