AP12 Approaching Interpretation I – Temperament

Temperament - Astrology Project Intensive 12

“The nature of the divine prefers to be hidden in diverse coverings; access to it should not be easy nor its majesty open to all.”
Firmicus Maternus – Matheseos 8:33
(Rhys Bram trans)

A lot is going on in the sublunar experience, in the individual person, and in the astrological chart. What is interpretation? What is being done when analysing a full astrological picture? Learning and practicing astrology prompted William Lilly to declare “Ars longa, vita brevis” (“art is long, life is short”) – reflecting a centuries-old challenge of making sense from much information.

No matter the level of experience, reading any chart asks to see a singular map with fresh eyes whilst consistently drawing on complex knowledge from ancient tradition. Aside from technical preliminary chart analysis, what could be foundational to ascertaining character? And where can a core understanding of the symbolism begin?

In aim of ‘doing astrology’, this Intensive will address a facet of delineation dealing with scoping out the factor of temperament.