Core Principles II – Houses of Heaven – Places of Earth

A Medieval Astrological Pilgrim - Astrology Project Intensive 2

This Intensive focuses upon the identity and role of the western tropical zodiac and the twelve houses. Seeing how these two factors relate and function in astrology is another aim. In general overview western horoscopic astrology consists of a group of main building blocks – the planets, the tropical zodiac, the twelve-house system. Combining all of these with some other components, principles and techniques, will create a full horoscopic picture – known as an ‘astrological chart’.

These core components, the planets, the zodiac and the houses (as ‘stars’, ‘images’, ‘places’) have distinct identities and application. Fundamentally, each plays an independent role as a symbol-set in creating the entire horoscopic experience. In the historical heritage of astrology, they have developed their symbolism from separate informing principles which result in their unique purposes and functions.

So from the outset planets, signs, and houses have to be regarded as factors in their own right. This is in order to be able to understand how to interweave the principles and symbolism when it comes to actually doing full delineation. Otherwise the ‘language’ of astrology is compromised by a baseline lack of clear demarcation …