Core Principles III – Sect – A Most Ancient Wisdom

Sect - By Day and By Night - Astrology Project Intensive 3

This Intensive reviews a code which seems a given in ancient astrological heritage, as many of the old texts appear to expect the astrologer to have a baseline understanding. It was knowledge which provided guidelines about which planets to focus upon and could indicate where benefit or challenge may more likely manifest.

This method was called Sect and used the division of night and day as the crux of an elegant doctrine. For the ancients in observing their world saw evocative nuances of light and dark come and go, to come again – as reflected in the antiquitous Poem of Parmenides:

“There are gates of way for night and day.”

Sect was a fundamental type of analysis which finetuned astrological symbolism and allowed for a doorway into delineation.