AP8 Core Principles VIII – Planets in their Chariots

Planets in their Chariots - Astrology Project Intensive 8

An outstanding feature that has emerged from the ongoing excavation of astrological heritage is the enhanced awareness of essential planetary dignity. The coherence and relevance of this artful system is represented in the ancient teaching tool of the Thema Mundi, where the soli-lunar relationship and sect appear fundamental to the Art’s symbolic and philosophical depths. Essential Dignity is a bedrock principle for both method and delineation, bringing a cohesive force to the birthchart. Without a good comprehension of this doctrine, astrological ‘language’ cannot be fluently and creatively negotiated with any real substantiation.

This Intensive offers an extensive exploration and application of a central tenet from the astrological heartland – Essential Dignity. The idea relates to a celestial body being placed in a zodiac sign, or in a part of a zodiac sign, which is considered to be natural or familiar territory. Each ‘sign’ (modern term) is actually the ‘house’, or more appropriately the ‘celestial house’ of a planet or light. The meaning, function and capacity of every planet will be conditioned by these various placements, or lack thereof.