Core Principles VI – Hylegiacal Points – Forces of Life

Hylegiacal Places - Astrology Project Intensive 6

From ancient times astrology has attempted to understand the physical body and the quality of lifeforce. There were principles and techniques throughout the Art’s history about health, life, sickness and death. These related to horoscopic components concerned with supporting or draining well-being. In addition, astrological approaches to health and vitality differed from one author to the next, with a great complexity of technique. However, there are considerations of interest to the astrological student concerning the potential for well-being, some well-known and promoted today.

This Intensive reviews several traditional approaches and related methods pertaining to this topic.

Certain astrological factors were seen as primary, and have been called a ‘vital core’ when it comes to judging vitality indications. These were also known as hylegiacal or aphetic points.